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CfE Es and Os: Literacy and English

CfE Experiences and Outcomes

Using moving image in a range of classroom activities can contribute to wide learning in the curriculum and deliver many Experiences and Outcomes.

Below is a list - by no means exhaustive - of some of the experiences and outcomes you can help deliver through work with moving image texts.

Literacy and English

  • I engage with and create a wide range of texts in different media.
  • I extend and enrich my vocabulary through listening, talking, watching and reading.
  • I regularly select and listen to or watch texts which I enjoy and find interesting.
  • I can show my understanding of what I listen to or watch by giving detailed, evaluative comments, with evidence, about the content and form of short and extended texts.
  • To help me develop an informed view, I can identify some of the techniques used to influence or persuade.
  • I enjoy creating texts of my choice and I am developing my own style. I can regularly select subject, purpose, format and resources to suit the needs of my audience.
  • I can share my thoughts about structure, characters and/or setting.
  • I can communicate in a clear, expressive manner when engaging with others within and beyond my place of learning, and can independently select and organise appropriate resources as required (this may include images, objects, audio, visual or digital resources).
  • As I listen or watch, I am learning to make notes under given headings and use these to understand what I have listened to or watched and create new texts.

For more information about BGE Literacy Es and Os achieved through film education and suggested activities, check out our guide to BGE Literacy Es and Os Using Film.

You might also be interested in signing up for this free online course: Using Film to Teach Literacy Online and in the Classroom.