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CfE Es and Os: Mathematics, Science and Technologies

CfE Experiences and Outcomes

Using film in a range of classroom activities can contribute to wide learning in the curriculum and deliver many Experiences and Outcomes.

Below is a list - by no means exhaustive - of some of the experiences and outcomes you can help deliver through work with film.

Mathematics, Sciences and Technologies Es and Os

  • I have had fun creating a range of symmetrical pictures and patterns using a range of media.
  • I enjoy investigating objects and shapes and can sort, describe and be creative with them. Learners can present their findings in writing, orally or visually using a variety of media. Children and young people develop as scientifically literate citizens with a lifelong interest in science by being able to read and understand essential points from sources of information including media reports.
  • Learners can reflect upon and critically evaluate media portrayal of scientific findings.
  • I can talk about science stories to develop my understanding of science and the world around me.
  • By recording and analysing sound signals, I can describe how they can be manipulated and used in sound engineering.
  • By exploring reflections, the formation of shadows and the mixing of coloured lights, I can use my knowledge of the properties of light to show how it can be used in a creative way.
  • By exploring the refraction of light when passed through different materials, lenses and prisms, I can explain how light can be used in a variety of applications.