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CfE Es and Os: Religious and Moral Education

CfE Experiences and Outcomes

Using film in a range of classroom activities can contribute to wide learning in the curriculum and deliver many Experiences and Outcomes.

Below is a list - by no means exhaustive - of some of the experiences and outcomes you can help deliver through work with film.

Religious and Moral Education

  • I am developing respect for others and my understanding of their beliefs and values.
  • I am developing an increasing awareness and understanding of my own beliefs and I put them into action in positive ways.
  • As I play and learn, I am developing my understanding of what is fair and unfair and why caring and sharing are important.
  • Through reflection and discussion, I can explain a range of beliefs which people hold and can participate in debates about ‘ultimate questions’.
  • Having reflected upon and considered a range of beliefs, belief systems and moral viewpoints, I can express reasoned views on how putting these beliefs and values into action might lead to changes in society.
  • I am developing my understanding that people have beliefs and values based upon religious or other positions.
  • I am developing my own understanding of values such as honesty, respect and compassion and am able to identify how these values might be applied in relation to moral issues.
  • I can show my understanding of values such as caring, sharing, fairness, equality and love.
  • I can explain why different people think that values such as honesty, respect and compassion are important, and I show respect for others.
  • I can explain how the different beliefs that people have, including beliefs which are independent of religion, relate to their moral viewpoints and how this leads them to respond to moral issues.
  • I am developing my understanding of how my own and other people’s beliefs and values affect their actions.
  • I can apply philosophical enquiry to explore questions or ethical issues.