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CfE Es and Os: Health and Wellbeing

CfE Experiences and Outcomes

Using film in a range of classroom activities can contribute to wide learning in the curriculum and deliver many Experiences and Outcomes.

Film can play a huge part in Health and Wellbeing: an accessible art form that can help children and young people feel calmer and more focused, express their feelings and find their voice, manage their moods and energy and provides a safe, warm space.

Filmmaking in a group teaches pupils how to dealing with challenges, build positive relationships, manage a project and develop confidence; whilst studying film can develop identification and empathy, encourage reflection on attitude, provides role models, inspire a tolerant and empathetic attitude, raise existential, spiritual and moral questions, and elevate, move and inspire.

Below is a list - by no means exhaustive - of some of the Health and Wellbeing experiences and outcomes you can help deliver through work with film.

Health and Wellbeing Es and Os

  • I am aware of and able to express my feelings and am developing the ability to talk about them.
  • I know that we all experience a variety of thoughts and emotions that affect how we feel and behave and I am learning ways of managing them.
  • I understand that my feelings and reactions can change depending upon what is happening within and around me. This helps me to understand my own behaviour and the way others behave.
  • I know that friendship, caring, sharing, fairness, equality and love are important in building positive relationships.
  • I understand the importance of mental wellbeing and that this can be fostered and strengthened through personal coping skills and positive relationships.
  • I understand that people can feel alone and can be misunderstood and left out by others.
  • I show respect for the rights of others.
  • I recognise that each individual has a unique blend of abilities and needs.
  • I make full use of and value the opportunities I am given to improve and manage my learning and, in turn, I can help to encourage learning and confidence in others
  • Representing my class, school and/or wider community encourages my self-worth and confidence and allows me to contribute to and participate in society.
  • Through contributing my views, time and talents, I play a part in bringing about positive change in my school and wider community.
  • I value the opportunities I am given to make friends and be part of a group in a range of situations.

You can find an example of a complete unit on the film 'Fare-Dodger [Schwarzfährer]' designed to expressly meet the Es and Os here.