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Teaching Activities

Using screen in your classroom
A guide to ways you can use screen texts in your classroom lessons. Lots of ideas of how to get your pupils engaging with films through literacy exercises and practical activities.
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Video Tutorials: Teaching Screen

Learn how to use screen in the classroom
Guides to using screen texts in the classroom and across the whole curriculum. These videos will show you how to discuss and analyse films, plan lessons and use resources.
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Classroom Resources

A variety of resources for your teaching
Worksheets, templates and resources to support your screen education work. Many are themed towards specific films; others are general tools that can be used in many different contexts.
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Creative Screen Activities

Getting hands-on with making screen projects
Once you and your class have watched, analysed and discussed a film, you might want to start making screen projects yourselves. Here is a range of creative project ideas for you to try.
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Film Glossary

Know the terminology
Teachers new to screen education might be worried about terminology or lots of jargon. No need: our glossary will make everything clear. It’s your easy guide to the grammar and language of the screen.
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Useful Links

Screen Education on the web
Find many other useful resources from our directory of links to screen education websites and organisations.
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