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About Screening Shorts

Screening Shorts is the home for teachers in Scotland looking to bring screen texts into their classroom.

We have collected a wide range of short films that you can screen, download and use in lessons with your pupils. Alongside each film, we have provided some detailed suggestions of Critical, Cultural and Creative teaching activities you can do before, during and after watching. All our teaching resources have been designed by teachers and leading practitioners in screen education.

All film material has been selected and described for its relevance to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence. We have also endeavoured to link all films and resources to subject areas, capacities, experiences and outcomes in the Curriculum for Excellence.

Teachers who are new to using film as a classroom text, or who want to go to a more advanced level, can use our video tutorials and teaching activities to deepen their own understanding of screen language and grammar and develop their own lessons tailored to their own classes.

As well as watching, teachers who have a Glow or Shibboleth login may download films and use them in screenings and creative projects with their pupils.

Our Site Access Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use apply to all users.

Screening Shorts is a partnership project between Screen Scotland/Creative Scotland and Education Scotland.