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The following are acknowledged for their valuable contributions.

Project Managers

Douglas Dougan of Fluid Eye Productions Ltd for Creative Scotland

Gail Robertson, Film Education Officer for Screen Scotland

Project Partners

Scott Donaldson, Head of Film Education for Screen Scotland

Gerry Queen, lead representative for Education Scotland

Alan Armstrong, Director of Curriculum and Assessment for Education Scotland

Maureen Finn, Development Officer in Expressive Arts for Education Scotland

Yvonne Gerrard, Team Leader in Literacy for Education Scotland

Hilary Bombart, Development Officer in Literacy for Education Scotland

Andrew Brown, Head of Glow for Education Scotland

Pre-Project Educational Research & Development

Philip Donnelly

Digitisation of films

Words and Actions

Charmaine Gilbert

Editorial Support

Faith McDonald, Faithful Publishing Services

Administration support

Helen Bywater

Film Acquisition

Caren Willig, Reframing Languages Research Officer for British Film Institute (BFI)

Mark Reid, Head of Education for British Film Institute (BFI)


Ben Seven and Dan Plunkett at Kin

Web Development and Management

Paolo Ciarrocca and Ben Seven at Kin (Graham Turnbull, Richard Clegg and Sven Edge until 2015)

Educational content

Several teachers and education practitioners greatly helped us with the development of educational content on the website. They are:

  • Gail Robertson
  • Bill Boyd
  • Athole McLauchlan
  • David Griffith
  • Juliet Rees
  • Jonathan Charles
  • Fraser Johnston

Thanks to British Film Institute (and its authors) for permission to use resources from Screening Shorts, Starting Stories 1, Starting Stories 2, Story Shorts 1, Story Shorts 2, Moving Shorts and Real Shorts collections.

Special thanks to these organisations:

Creative Scotland

Screen Scotland

Education Scotland

British Film Institute (BFI)