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Shall We Kiss? (On S'Embrasse?) — Pierre-Olivier Mornas, 2000

A young girl walks into a bar to prepare for the audition she is to have in ten minutes. Finding it difficult to remember her lines, she asks a man sitting quietly nearby to help her.

In French.

Classroom Activities

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  • Why does the young woman approach this particular man?
  • Why is it so difficult for her to say her lines with a smile?
  • What does she learn from this encounter?
  • How does the choice of lens and use of focus change during the film to enhance the drama?
  • How would you describe the overall mood of the film?
  • Watch the film through to just before the ending and stop it and ask what happens next. Ask whether this is what they expected?
  • Carry out a full ‘Tell Me’ Grid Analysis on the film to try and determine its different themes and meanings.
  • Stop the film at key moments to discuss whose point of view is shown. Why does the man decide to play director with the actress? What is he hoping to get out of her performance?


  • Discuss further the relationship between art and reality in a film like this.
  • Discuss the cultural differences between France and Scotland when it comes to ideas like visiting cafes, going out alone, approaching people you don't know etc.
  • What might the young actress have got out of her 'audition'?
  • How we decide what is good acting?



  • Write back stories to the characters and their relationship.
  • Write a script or story about what was said between the man and the woman before the woman went to the bathroom and the young actress entered the cafe.


  • Prepare for watching the film by introducing vocabulary from the relationship topic.
  • Look at vocabulary used in the film, particularly the use of adverbs.


  • Discuss what it means to be in love and what it means for an actor to portray being in love.

Clip Details

Resource Rights Holder Future Shorts
Year of Production 2000
Genre Drama
Curriculum Areas Modern Languages
Director Pierre-Olivier Mornas
Country of Origin France
Medium / Content Colour, Sound, Live Action, Fiction
Themes Communication, Feelings, Relationships
Clip Length 06:11
Clip Length 06:11
Age Group S1-S3, S4-S6