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Right Number, The (Le Bon Numéro) — Aurélie Charbonnier, 2005

A young woman receives a message telling her she can meet her “true love” by pressing a number on her phone keypad. She goes to meet him in the park and, while waiting, watches other “happy families”. Her perfect date is late and so she again influences the outcome of what happens on her phone. The subsequent unfolding events are not quite what she envisaged…

Modern Languages teachers will find a bespoke set of lesson ideas for this film here.

Classroom Activities

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  • We could say that the turning point of the story could be when the young woman is spoken to by the young man. How does she react? How could the story have developed differently from here? Why doesn’t this happen?
  • Discuss the irony of the title “The Right Number”. What alternative title could you give the film? Why?


  • This short film makes several comments on today’s society with regard to a) our dreams vs our reality and b) our preoccupation with mobile technology. Discuss and evaluate the role and importance of each for young people today.
  • We could argue that the young woman escapes lightly. She goes to meet a man she doesn’t know in an unfamiliar place then gets into a fairly serious relationship very quickly which does not turn out as she hoped. Can you see any parallels in today’s world? What possible dangers are lurking for the unaware in the world of internet dating? How can you safeguard against these?
  • Discuss how the young woman feels when she is offered the seemingly innocent opportunity to meet the love of her life. Do you think that our dreams match up to what transpires? Why do you think this is the case?
  • What are young peoples’ dreams nowadays? Do many still dream of getting married and living happily ever after? Is this the only/best way forward in life? Why (not)?



  • Script the conversation that the young man and woman have as he sits at the table with his knife and fork and she is in the kitchen surrounded by all the items of household tasks.
  • What is a traditional happy ending? Does this film have a happy ending? What would your happy ending look like? Rewrite the final scenes of the short story to give it an alternative ending.


  • Make a poster warning people about the dangers of meeting strangers. It could be for children or for young people adults who are meeting someone they met online.


  • Script and act out a scenario when two young people, who have only gotten to know each other online, meet for the first time.

Clip Details

Year of Production 2005
Genre Comedy, Romance, Animation
Curriculum Areas Modern Languages, Literacy and English
Director Aurélie Charbonnier
Country of Origin France
Medium / Content 2D Animation, Fiction, Colour, Sound, No Dialogue
Themes Feelings, Relationships, Identity / Self, Communication
Clip Length 03:58
Clip Length 03:58
Age Group P5-P7, S1-S3, S4-S6