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Mouse's Tail, The (La Queue de la Souris) — Benjamin Renner, 2007

In this beautifully animated fable made by Benjamin Renner at L’école de la Poudrière, a mouse is captured by a hungry lion and needs to find a way to outwit him and escape.

It uses few colours for a dramatic effect.

Modern Languages teachers will find a bespoke set of lesson ideas for this film here.

Classroom Activities

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  • There are few colours in the film. Look at how the 3 main colours, black, white, and red are used to represent what is happening. Use the Cs and Ss as a guide.
  • Stop at 00:37 seconds. Describe how the mouse is feeling.
  • Watch the first 40 seconds. Predict what you think will happen next.
  • What animals does the mouse bring to the lion?
  • Stop at 03:15. How is the mouse feeling now?
  • How does the camera movement hide what the mouse is doing to the lion?
  • In 50 words or less describe how the mouse outwits the lion.
  • Make up a character profile on the lion and/or the mouse. What words would you use to describe them?
  • Feelings – think about how the characters feelings change throughout the film. How do we know they change
  • Think carefully about the narrative of the film. Look at the questions here to help you do this.


  • What is the message in this fable? What other fables do you know? Why were fables used to tell moral messages?
  • Look at fables from different cultures around the World. How are they similar or different to the ones we know?
  • Here is another fable about a lion and a mouse; compare the film to this written version.
  • Think about how lions are usually depicted in films. Look at other clips of them on screen. Is this a fair representation of lions?
  • Think about how mice are usually depicted in films. Look at other clips of them on screen. Is this a fair representation of mice?
  • Lions are an endangered species – why? What are countries doing to protect these animals?
  • Mice are often seen as vermin and killed in traps. Is this right or wrong? Debate the issue.



  • How does the mouse get out of the snake’s mouth? Write the story.
  • Make a list of the strengths and weaknesses of the lion and the mouse.


  • Can you make your own film of this story? How could you film it differently? Use our Making a Film resource to help.


  • What does the title mean?
  • Can you find the French name for the other animals in the story?


  • Make the film into a comic strip. You could use French or English.
  • The lion is always black in the film. Paint a lion in their natural colours. You could do the other animals too.


  • Act out what you think happens next. How does the lion escape?


  • Research lions. What do they eat? Where do they live? You could make this into an information poster or leaflet.

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