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Gift, The — Julio Pot, 2014

In this heart-warming animation, we follow the story of a couple in love and their ups the downs. When he gives her a piece of himself, she cherishes this gift – even after they break up. ‘The Gift’ reminds us that the giving and receiving of love is the most special gift there is.

Classroom Activities

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  • Watch up until 01:34. Pause it and ask the class what they think is going to happen next.
  • What does the sphere symbolise? Why do you think its represented by a blue sphere?
  • This animation uses a limited colour palate. What impact does this have?
  • What do we see that tells us that her feelings might have started to change towards him?
  • Listen to the soundtrack. How does it change as the film goes on? What information does this give us?
  • There is no dialogue in this film. In what ways is the emotions of the characters conveyed?
  • What happens to the colours as we approach 03:08? What is this showing us?


  • Discuss what a healthy relationship looks like and an unhealthy relationship. Create two spider diagrams with your thoughts.
  • Discuss the impact staying in a relationship you are not happy in might have on a person. How do you think it would affect the other person in the relationship too?
  • If you were in a relationship you were not happy with and needed to talk, where/who could you go to for advice? Share your thoughts with the class.
  • What do you do to cheer yourself up? Can you share three top tips?
  • Does this story remind you of any other story that you can think of? What are the similarities you see?
  • Why do you think she wanted to keep a piece of his sphere even after they had broken up?



  • Come up with a new title for the film. Why did you choose this?
  • Write a short story based on an emotion we might all feel at one time. What are the ups and downs of this emotion?


  • Create your own stop motion animation to bring your short story in the above task to life.
  • Make a dramatic trailer for the film. You can edit the film as you wish and add a voiceover and soundtrack.


  • Screen shot key moments from the film and turn this into a comic strip. Add thought and speech bubbles.
  • Design a thank you card for someone special to you. Tell them why they are special and remind them how much you appreciate them.


  • Write a script to go along with the film. Have you and a classmate act it out.


  • Create a poster showing what a healthy relationship looks like.


  • Research what chemically happens to you when you are in love, feeling sad or happy. Make a poster that displays your findings.

Clip Details

Year of Production 2014
Genre Romance, Drama, Animation
Curriculum Areas Expressive Arts, Modern Languages, Literacy and English
Director Julio Pot
Country of Origin Chile
Medium / Content 2D Animation, Fiction, Colour, Sound, No Dialogue
Themes Feelings, Relationships, Communication, Creative Expression
Clip Length 07:49
Clip Length 07:49
Age Group P5-P7, S1-S3