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Unleaded (Sans Plomb) — Louise Groult, 2019

An environmental activist takes three people hostage in his attempt to seek revenge against an international oil firm. When he discovers he has taken the wrong company, he begins to spiral into a panic as he struggles to come to terms with his mistake. With the police closing in, he is running out of time to decide what his next move is…

Classroom Activities

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  • What does ‘Sans Plomb’ mean in English? Why do you think it was called this?
  • Audience: who do you think this text is aimed at? Why?
  • Play up until 00:15 seconds. What does impact does the music have? How does the music build tension?
  • Discuss the use of a handheld camera for shooting this film. Why do you think that this method was chosen? What effect does it have on the overall film?
  • Discuss the lighting throughout the film. What effect does this have?
  • After the initial intro music, there is only diegetic sound included in the film. What effect does this have?
  • When he realises that he has taken the wrong people hostage, what lets us know that the Hostage taker is starting to panic? What does the audience see and hear?
  • We do not see the hostages being taken – what tells us that that they are being held against their will?


  • ‘Unleaded [Sans Plomb]’ was shot during a Kinomada event. Research what this event is.
  • This story is based on a true event. Research news headlines regarding environmental issues and discuss this in group. Each group choose an issue to focus and create a presentation. Present your findings to the other groups.
  • COP 26 has recently taken place in Glasgow (2021). Discuss some of the key messages from this event. You may want to research what was happening each day of the event and what agreements were made between different nations.
  • Debate: ‘Oil companies should not be allowed to drill offshore’. One group should argue for and the other against. Take some time to plan your arguments thoroughly.
  • Debate: Research other stories where environmental protesters have been in the news. What did they do? Do you agree with their actions? One group argue for and the other argue against.
  • Discuss the plot twist of this film. Did you expect that to happen? What did you like or not like about it?
  • Can you think of other films that have an unexpected plot-twist? Which is your favourite?



  • Write a newspaper article, reporting on the incident. Include eye-witness accounts and police statements.
  • Write an internal monologue, imagining you are the kidnapper.
  • Imagine you are one of the employees held hostage. Write a poem that describes how you felt in the situation and how you felt after your release.


  • Make an advert for TV encouraging people to all do our part and look after the planet.


  • Create a story board outlining an ending for the film, detailing what happens to the antagonist.
  • Choose an environmental issue and create a poster to raise awareness for this issue.


  • Choose an environmental issue that is evident in your local area. Write a letter to your head teacher outlining your concerns and a plan
  • Create a promotional poster for COP 26 (2021). What was the purpose of the event? Why should people take an interest in the event?
  • Create a post or to be displayed in school, encouraging other pupils to recycle.


  • Is there anything you are particularly passionate about or something that you think is important enough that you would be willing to protest for? Create a persuasive text or vlog that discusses this and the key reasons you think this is important.

Clip Details

Year of Production 2019
Genre Drama
Curriculum Areas Modern Languages, Literacy and English, Religious and Moral Education, Social Studies
Director Louise Groult
Country of Origin France
Medium / Content Live Action, Fiction, Colour, Sound, Subtitles
Themes Feelings, Loss / Memories, Danger / Fear, Culture / Society, Food / Environment, Intolerance / Misconceptions
Clip Length 08:05
Clip Length 08:05
Age Group S1-S3, S4-S6