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Teenage Warhol (2004)

Isabel dreams of getting into art college. Working late one night in her dead end supermarket job, the ghost of Andy Warhol materialises in front of her and issues her with a challenge to make great art in the supermarket that night or be trapped there for all eternity.

Classroom Activities

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  • How would you describe Isabel as a character? What kind of problems does she have? Does she seem happy? How do we know this?

  • Discuss whether supermarkets are happy places or sad places?

  • What genre do you think this film fits into? Discuss what audiences expect from certain genres of films.

  • In a single word or two, how would you describe: Isabel, Walter and the Store Manager.

  • Did you sympathise with the central character? Why?


  • How many different camera movements and angles can the class spot in the film? When and why are they used?

  • There are some unusual scene and shot transitions in the film. Can you spot them? Why are they used instead of a normal 'cut'?

  • Discuss how the film uses sound to create a certain atmosphere in the film

  • Would you describe the sound of the clock at 06:21 as diegetic or non-diagetic sound?

  • Ask the class to identify and discuss any special use of focus in the film


  • Introduce the concept of theme in storytelling. Have group discussions on what the students think the theme of this film is. What does it mean?

  • Discuss what changes and personal revelations Isabel goes through in the course of the film.

  • Ask students to create a presentation on the subject of 'what success means to me'.

  • What do you think the lines symbolise in the film?

  • Ask everyone to list two or three jobs they would like to do (or for secondary students: careers they would like to pursue). Using the library and internet research, what skills do they need to develop to fulfil these jobs? Students could create a timeline plan of action that will get them to their chosen job.


  • Design some new products for the supermarket

  • Art history: research the pop art movement and its significant artists

  • Draw or create some Andy Warhol inspired artworks

  • When the store manager returns at 12:05, we do not hear how Isabel describes her work of art. Script a section of dialogue for Isabel to describe her artwork. What would she say?

  • Write some Twitter conversations between Isabel the art college student and her hero Andy Warhol

Clip Details

Resource Rights Holder Rosie Toner
Year of Production 2004
Genre Drama
Curriculum Areas Expressive Arts, Health and Wellbeing, Literacy and English, Social studies, Religious and moral education
Who Rosie Toner (Writer, Director), Marc de Launey (Producer)
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Medium / Content Fiction, Live Action, Colour, Sound
Themes Conformity, Imagination, Craft, Fear, Nightmare, Failure, Self expression, Self Image
Clip Length 15:46