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Love Me, Fear Me — Veronica Solomon, 2018

Desperate for public approval, a nameless metamorphic character reinvents itself to gain the admiration it desires. Fearing silence from the unseen audience, it battles with changing gender, colour, shape and movement in order to fit in with what it perceives the spectators want, while slowly losing all sense of who they really are.

Classroom Activities

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  • Sound On/Vision Off. Before watching the film, listen to the audio only. Get the class to write down what they think the film is about and what is happening.
  • What do the spectators think of the creature at the start of the clip? What tells us this?
  • What do we see to know that the spectators’ opinion of the creature has changed? (01:00 – 01:20)
  • How does the sound change throughout? How does this help to move the story forward?
  • What is the importance of the spotlight moving in the film? What cue does this give us?
  • Watch from 04:00 – 04:10. Discuss what happens to the colour. What is the purpose of this?
  • Why do you think the creator chose to make the creature out of Plasticine? What further meaning might this have?


  • What is the definition of social media? Write out the pros and cons of social media.
  • Discuss what impact can social media have on mental health.
  • What guidance can you find that outlines how we can safeguard ourselves online?
  • Create a class table illustrating which social media services you all use. You could investigate this further and create a school survey.
  • Using the information gathered in the previous task, investigate what the most popular social media sights were 5, 7 and 10 years ago and how does this compare to today?
  • Discuss what you think is meant by an influencer. Who are some of the influencers you are familiar with? Share your favourite YouTuber/influencer with the class and show them an example of what they do. What is it that attracts you to them and their content?
  • Debate: “Social media is a bad thing and causes more problems than it is worth”.



  • Write dialogue to go along with the film. Record this and edit it into the film.
  • Make your own short film that encourages people to be themselves online.
  • Take a screen shot of each metamorphosis and create a story board outlining the change and what the creature might be thinking/feeling/hoping to achieve.


  • Create your own models out of Plasticine depicting how you feel about social media.


  • Change the soundtrack that goes along with the film. Why did you make the decisions you did?
  • Create your own soundtrack using different instruments that can capture the emotions of the creature and the atmosphere of the audience.


  • Plan out a conversation between the creature and a member of the audience. What might they be saying to each other?
  • Film the above task once you have completed it and add your own effects and sounds.


  • In groups, create your own campaign encouraging ‘anti-hate’ or ‘anti-trolling’ online. How would you advertise this? What research would you need to do? Who is your target audience?
  • Create a poster outlining the dangers social media can bring. You can discuss safeguarding or mental health worries.

Clip Details

Year of Production 2018
Genre Drama, Stop-Motion
Curriculum Areas Expressive Arts, Health and Wellbeing, Modern Languages, Religious and Moral Education
Director Veronica Solomon
Country of Origin Germany
Medium / Content 3D Animation, Fiction, Colour, Sound, No Dialogue
Themes Feelings, Relationships, Culture / Society, Identity / Self, Communication, Creative Expression
Clip Length 06:04
Clip Length 06:04
Age Group P5-P7, S1-S3, S4-S6