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Hidden (Gömd) — David Aronowitsch, Hanna Heilborn and Mats Johansson, 2002

This short narrative film tells the story of Giancarlo who came to Sweden from his native Peru where he had been a street child. He spent a year living on the streets by himself as an 8-year-old while his parents saved up for his flight to join them in Sweden. We are told of the problems he faced in Peru and still faces daily in Sweden. The film affords us insight into the life of an immigrant in their chosen country and as a homeless, parentless child in his own home country.

Classroom Activities

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  • The director chooses to juxtapose the stylistic devices of anime and real footage to drive the narrative. What effect does this have on the viewer? Consider both the purpose and effect of anime and of the black and white film footage.


  • This particular story is about a Peruvian boy and his future in Sweden in the 1990s. Does this translate to modern day Scotland? How and why?
  • We learn that some of the children that were caught in Peru were often sent to orphanages and although their parents knew they left them there – why?
  • Why is it difficult for Giancarlo to make friends and how does this make him feel?
  • Giancarlo attempts suicide at the end of the film and subsequently his situation improves. How do you feel about this development?
  • Is suicide a real issue for young people, not only immigrants?
  • What other issues cause young people to contemplate or attempt suicide?



  • Try and imagine how you would feel to be alone in a foreign country without friends. Try and describe the emotions you would feel and the situations you might find yourself in. Write a short story about being alone in an unknown place and how a friendly act or gesture could help you overcome feelings of desperation.
  • Write a diary entry for a day in the life of one of Peru’s street kids. Start with waking up cold, hungry, alone and vulnerable.


  • In your groups discuss the following terms – deportation, immigrant, asylum seeker, illegar worker, people trafficking, isolation, helplessness, self-doubt and loathing, desperation, loneliness. Write and act out one scene which exemplifies one or more of these terms.


  • Discuss and suggest positive strategies for helping those in our school community who are isolated in anyway. What can we do to try and make families and children feel as welcome as possible?


  • Investigate and find out as much information as you can about the street children of Peru and Brazil.
  • In recent years the news and indeed our communities have been full of stories, incidences and cases of people who are fleeing their country of birth for many different reasons and who have sought refuge here. What is the current legal and political position regarding asylum seekers? How and why has this changed in recent years?
  • How does Britain’s position compare to other countries on the international stage (e.g. Germany)? Do you agree with our laws? If so, why? If not, why not?
  • Can you find out and record any linked story during the last year which has either a happy or a tragic outcome?

Clip Details

Record Id 007-002-000-121-C
Resource Rights Holder Story AB
Project Ref STSH2-08
Year of Production 2002
Genre Documentary, Animation
Curriculum Areas Expressive Arts, Health and Wellbeing, Modern Languages, Literacy and English, Religious and Moral Education, Social Studies
Director David Aronowitsch, Hanna Heilborn and Mats Johansson
Country of Origin Sweden
Medium / Content Mixed Media, Non-Fiction, Colour, Sound, Subtitles
Themes Feelings, Relationships, Loss / Memories, Danger / Fear, History / War, Culture / Society, Identity / Self
Clip Length 08:00
Clip Length 08:00
Age Group S1-S3, S4-S6