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Creative Responses to Film

Get creative!

In order to evaluate what has been learned, it can be helpful to ask pupils to create something related to the film. It could demonstrate their understanding of a theme, genre, character, storyline, setting, film technique… These activities will get you started, and you can find dozens more in our Film Literacy Activities resource.


  • Draw a storyboard outlining what they think happened next in the film or of a sequel.
  • Draw a storyboard of a new story involving one of the characters from the film.
  • Discuss warm/cold colours and create warm/cold landscape paintings.
  • Create a storyboard using blackline outlines. Photocopy and then colour one with warm colours and one with cold colours. Try the same idea with dark gothic colours or bright comic book colours.


  • Make (or bring in) puppets and make a puppet show related to the film.
  • Dress up like characters from the film and recreate a scene or create a new scene.
  • Use 'hot seating' to ask a character questions.
  • Select a scene from the film and ask pupils to re-enact it in groups with different interpretations.
  • Role-play two characters (maybe ones who don't meet in the film) and play out an encounter.


  • Write an invitation to one of the characters explaining why you would like them to visit your school.
  • Write a page in a character's diary.
  • Write a personal account of the events from a character's point of view in the first person.

Other activities

  • Create a mood board of pictures/colours that represent some aspect of the film.
  • Create a set for the film using art materials such as crayons, scissors, paint brushes, play dough and paint.
  • Take a previous description of a setting – try adding sound descriptions (or practical effects).
  • Ask pupils to prepare a multiple choice quiz about the film.
  • Draw flash cards of new vocabulary words learned in studying the film.
  • Draw outlines of main characters. Inside the outline could be words that describe the true character; outside the outline words to describe what other people think of them.