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Ferment (2000)

Ferment tells a story in space rather than time, portraying human life across the city centre of Bath at a single instant in time. Using ‘time-slice’ techniques, the film captures moments frozen in time – starting as a man falls from a bench in a city square, then moving along streets into cafes, offices, houses, shops, restaurants, and into different homes. The diegetic sound snippets that accompany the images evoke the bustle and din of the city. The dream-like result shows the multiple layers and realities of ‘everyday’ life in only one moment of time.

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Clip Details

Record Id 007-002-000-095-C
Resource Rights Holder LUX
Project Ref RLS-14
Year of Production 2000
Genre Abstract
Curriculum Areas subjects
Who Grace Kitto (Producer), Tim Macmillan (Director, Writer)
Country of Origin UK
Medium / Content Live Action, Non-Fiction, Colour, Sound
Themes Life, Death, Culture, Society, Community, Family, Time, Contrast
Clip Length 04:00